About the author

I was born in 1962 in Fredericia, Denmark.

I grew up in a family fond of storytelling, and every night I told stories to my younger sister. My family moved a lot, and several times I experienced being the new kid in class.

As a child I always felt like a stranger. Several of my books are written on this feeling, for example Powerlack (Strømsvigt, 2004) and Almas nightmare (Almas mareridt, Carlsen 2007). Powerlack was my debut. It is at tête-bêche novel – two books in one. I wrote it together with my husband, Daniel Zimakoff. We received a prize for the book. Since then I have been a full time writer.

I mostly write for young people. In 2005 came Far out (Langt ude, Carlsen). In 2007 Almas nightmare (Almas mareridt, Carlsen). All realistic novels. Then I wanted to try out other genres. In 2007 came Thunder Powder (Tordenpulveret, Gyldendal), which is a fantasy novel. And in 2008-2009 four books about Dalia Dragon Whisperer: The Dragon Flue (Dragesygen), The Magnet Stone (Magnetstenen), The Slave Country (Slavelandet), and The Mountain of Death (Dødebjerget).

Together with Daniel Zimakoff I am writing a detective series taking place in Copenhagen. It is called Team A (Alinea, 2008-2009). So far there are five books in the series about Bastian and Kamille.

Daniel and I also wrote a book on writing: What if ... (Alinea 2008). Now and then I translate fiction books from English to Danish and write TV-fiction.

When I am not sitting at my computer, I give talks on writing and on my work. I also instruct writing workshops around the country.

Ida-Marie Rendtorff E-mail: ida-marierendtorff@hotmail.com Telefon: 22397456